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Understanding Marketcore's Intellectual Property (IP)

Critical aspects of our IP are described in the following bullets with quotes from the patent "Abstracts" (viewable under "Patents")

  • "a data processing system is disclosed that describes an efficient market" in which the risk elements of financial contracts (i.e. "underwriting standards... statistics"), even the likelihood of the next cash flow, are progressively described;
  • a business process is presented "providing an efficient market for a class of financial products in which transactions occur in distinct origination and secondary sectors" in loans, lines of credit, insurance, reinsurance and their derivatives;
  • the entire structure has "conventions that induce [all financial market participants] to patronize the system";
  • the inducement (i.e. "Transaction Credits™") can be applied at any point in the life of a contract and enables counter-parties to a transaction to reduce costs and gain competitive advantage by exchanging risk-detailing disclosures through reduced costs of either subsequent transaction fees or timely access to strategically critical information;
  • the system "provid[es] credits for transactions fees paid in one sector for redemption against the transaction fees for the other";
  • the credits include "offering information, captured in the course of providing intermediation services, at prices that are reduced as transaction fees increase";
  • the credits are offered for specific terms of use, allowing participants to actually direct business volumes;
  • sensitive market information is shielded with "indicia" to protect participant-specific behavior and data;
  • the business process allows "loan traders...traders of lines of credit...insurers" to exchange disclosures for better pricing;
  • the structure allows those with the most information to profit most from their disclosures, thereby incrementally growing transparency, reducing both uncertainty risk in the establishment of asset values and principal risk for all market participants;
  • in sum, the Transaction Credit deploys unique and financially compelling risk-reducing usage inducements that are embedded at the nexus of a transaction, providing direct financial and strategic incentives for participation for everyone, even lead market shares.

Two new patents were issued in 2013, constituting a new family. Their titles describe the inventions: "Method and Apparatus for Financial Product Risk Determination" (August 13, 2013), and the other is "Method and Apparatus for Continuous Revaluation of Contracts" (October 15, 2013)."

Additionally, several unpublished "trade secret" patents are pending. These create new methods for facilitating efficient financial markets through roughly 25 inventions. These methods broadly reduce the costs of risk transfers and provide further advantage to all market participants.






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