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Marketcore grew out of the work of its predecessor company, IPEX, LLC, a NASD registered broker-dealer and boutique investment firm specializing in institutional loan placement in the secondary market for consumer and commercial loans. IPEX, LLC, based in Westport, Connecticut, was active in those markets from 1994 to 2000, during which it placed as much as $1 billion in consumer flows of whole loans between a single set of counterparts during one 12 month period alone.

The founders of IPEX, Michael and Connie Erlanger, drew upon their respective backgrounds in capital markets in analyzing the problems that they observed in the functioning of both the primary and secondary markets for loans. In 1998, they filed the first of a suite of patent applications on innovations relating to financial markets (i.e. markets for loans, lines of credit, insurance and related financial products and their derivatives), that make those markets more efficient in terms of risk identification, risk prediction and risk transfers.

In 2000,, Inc. was formed as a privately held Delaware corporation, with investment by a group of individual sophisticated investors. Marketcore acquired the intellectual property, databases, and performance history of IPEX. We continue to operate out of a Connecticut office.

Marketcore has been granted six patents under its initial filings - Data Processing System for Providing An Efficient Market for Insurance and Reinsurance (filed 1998, issued 2003 and 2013), and Efficient Market for Financial Products (filed 1998, issued 2010, 2011 and two in 2013). Two new patent families constituting three new patents issued in 2013 and 2014. Several additional filings for patents are pending in the US and in Canada, with numerous registered trademarks and copyrights.

Since the issuance of the first patent in 2003, Marketcore's work has been acknowledged by a range of interests, including:

  • 2004: Eric Nordman, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), then the Director of Research, currently the Director of Regulatory Services, who said in his evaluation, "... timely and well thought out... the best solution I have yet seen [to the problems of market opacity]."
  • 2005: The public endorsement by The Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers (CIAB) of Marketcore's solution and plan for a Property and Casualty-focused insurance exchange. (The Council represents the leading commercial brokers and agents in the United States and abroad. Council members annually place 80 percent of all commercial property/casualty premiums in the United States and administer billions of dollars of employee benefits accounts.)
  • 2008: Marketcore received unique acknowledgement in a Congressional Research Service Report For Congress entitled, "Financing Recovery From Large-Scale Natural Disasters."
  • 2009: LexisNexis Risk Solutions licenses a portion of Marketcore IP to build an insurance origination exchange, partnering with the Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers, to create enhanced insurance market efficiency for transactions, information capture and sale -- all in a neutral, collaborative structure.
  • 2010: The June 2010 edition of Compliance Matters, the newsletter of the Regulatory & Legislative Interest Group of the CPCU Society, acknowledged in its editorial comments that "The Marketcore invention appears to reduce uncertainty and enable a more complete identification of risk in financial products" and Marketcore is invited to contribute an article on disclosures to the publication.
    -- First articles in trade press, acknowledging issuance of our second patent
    -- Invited to attend three symposia referencing our work
    -- LexisNexis Insurance Exchange launches
  • 2013-14: Six new patents published constituting two new families with a total of 273 claims.

While primarily focused on expanding commercial use, Marketcore has on occasion advised various government departments, agencies and regulatory bodies on the applicability of our risk transfer and market solutions with which to resolve the entrenched financial crisis. Those entities include:





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