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Marketcore was founded in 2000. Our work has grown out of management's more than 50 years of experience in financial markets reviewed by numerous advisors.

We understand that healthy, dynamic, well-functioning markets share a common set of characteristics in the form of timely access to complete information about market activity, the ability to track risk elements of financial contracts, and the ability to view that data on as comprehensive and detailed a basis as desired.

By addressing the "disconnects" between market sectors, and by illuminating risk, we believe that we can create more stable, functional, and profitable markets for all participants. The technology the company has developed has received increasing levels of national and international recognition. In 2013, as it has for many years, Marketcore was asked to brief policy makers and regulators on its inventive methods. Among numerous other activities this year, at Congressional Invitation, we participated on discussions regarding Innovations on Financing Flood Risk (one type of complex risk assessment addressed by our work) and, separately, we were asked to join the United Nations' "Solution Exchange," a knowledge sharing network.

The company is actively engaged in creating licensing, joint venture and strategic alliances with lead market shares in order to further instantiate its IP in risk markets.





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